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This course looks at the pathology testing that is becoming such a large part of naturopathic and nutritional practice. We also look at some standard pathology tests and how to interpret them from a naturopathic standpoint, as well as some functional pathology. We will run through tests in blood, stool, urine, and saliva.

We will look at the testing from 3 symptom pictures – Fatigue / Digestive Disorders / Nutritional and Food Testing.

So, if you have a patient with these symptoms or issues, which test would you / could you order? What will it tell you? Are there any limitations to the tests you run and which labs do them? The sessions will also cover the different pathology labs and how to contact them and set up accounts.


Pathology – Focus Topics – Iron

Go through the male and female hormones through the lens of pathology. Using the sex steroid pathway and liver detoxification pathophysiology helps to understand the roles these hormones play and why they can cause disruption when they are out of balance.

Indications for testing / What to Test in? Blood, saliva, urine – the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Estrogen – Pathophysiology and metabolism – the pitfalls / Tests and reference ranges/explanation of why we test for 2: 16 Urinary Estrogen Metabolites – how this can help.

Progesterone –what are the signs of deficiency / The physical tests to consider / so how do we make progesterone? / Reference ranges

Steroid pathway hormones – especially aromatase / 5 alpha reductase – the effects of each and what support can be provided.

What about the regulators? FSH – high & low / LH – High & low – Reference ranges for each

The great disruptor – Prolactin – both hyper and hyppoprolactinemia – Reference range

The Binder – What is SHBG and the role it plays – how to test for it – Reference range

Adrenal Androgens – DHEA & DHEAs / Testosterone – how to test for it – FAI / CFT – Reference ranges / DHT – reference ranges / What is a DUTCH test?

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