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Session 2 will focus on those patients who have digestive issues. Which symptoms will suggest which tests? Which test is more indicated than the others? We will work our way through the digestive tract and look at the tests that are used for conditions at each stage of the gut. We will look at the information each test gives and look at what conditions they could be more useful for. This seminar is a very practical look at testing, and not an in-depth look at interpreting each test, more an overview of the disadvantages and advantages for each and when and how to order. What is covered in this session is –

Functional Pathology – What is it? Difference between Standard & Functional?

Assessments – Questionnaires / Dietary assessments

Tests to Run

  • Stomach – Helicobacter Pylori Stool Antigen + blood + breath
  • Small Intestine – SIBO Breath Tests / Intestinal Permeability / Secretory IgA / Coeliac disease testing / Zonulin / Hepatic Detox Profile
  • Large Bowel – CDSA Level 1 to 5 / 3-day Parasitology / DNA testing / Microbiome mapping / Which labs do what?
  • Other – Organic Acids Test / Urinary Amino Acids
This course is currently closed