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BACH Flowers

Bach Flowers were created by Dr. Bach at the turn of the twentieth century as a gentle, yet profound therapy to support healing in those seeking resolution for their health concerns. Dr. Bach developed his wonderful system of Flower Remedies, over his lifetime, to enable balance in our physical, mental, and emotional states to promote health and wholeness. The 38 Bach Flower Remedies, he created can be used by anyone, both laypeople and professionals alike, as Dr. Bach himself intended.

Through this Bach Flower course, learn about Edward Bach himself and how he developed these remedies due to the health concerns he saw in those around him. Learn about the philosophies that underpin the flower essences and delve into the power of energetic medicine. You will learn about each remedy in detail and where it fits in the beautiful system that Dr. Bach created. There are videos and examples of each remedy and downloads to keep to aid your understanding. Learn how the remedies are made and how to dispense them.  

There are 8 modules to work through, with quizzes along the way to support your learning. Finally, there is a bonus module on Bach flowers and medical astrology to deepen your interest in these remarkable remedies.


Thrive Through Menopause 

The Program has 6 modules for you to learn about the foundational health basics that you will need to support your transition through to your next stage of life. Week 1 and 2 looks at all the Dietary measures we need to consider, with recipes for the whole family. Weeks 2 and 3 looks at stress and strategies to build resilience, provide a restorative sleep, reduce hot flushes and return to being your best self. Module 5 outlines the different exercises our body requires that will be safe and appropriate in our transition. Lastly, module 5 considers the many emotional aspects of menopause and how we can learn to embrace our transition, and truly Thrive Through Menopause.   

Our highly trained Thrive Through Menopause Team who are experts in their chosen fields, with decades of clinical experience and expertise will be with you each week to provide the support you need to transition from feeling foggy, frumpy, and fatigued to fun, fit, fabulous and free!!

Make a commitment to your future health and join the Thrive Through Menopause Program and head towards health and well-being to be your best self!

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