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Thrive through menopause and beyond.

What you will learn in our 6-week program

  • A natural all-encompassing approach to the issues that face us in menopause.
  • Food is medicine – Healthy dietary suggestions are given; highlights include menu plans and shopping lists /specific foods for different conditions providing a road to health and well-being.
  • Understand what to eat and why it will help? (This can influence the whole family)
  • Work towards a world without craving different foods, find an eating plan to sustain you.
  • Relaxation and movement are sides of the same coin – Learn what to do and when to do what?
  • Digestion can be an issue at any age – discover how to eat to have a heathy gut and microbiome and thrive from within!
  • Sleep is fundamental for health, so resolving sleep issues is key to your success, learn what disrupts sleep and what steps you (and the whole family) can do to wake refreshed.
  • Stress is inevitable – suffering is optional? Find ways to combat the effects of living a 21st century-life.
  • Find specific ways to make good habits and break bad ones and maintain your newfound health routine!
  • Understand your symptoms, from brain fog to weight loss and everything in between and work out your goals so you can thrive through menopause and beyond.