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Session 3 will look at nutrient levels in the body. As naturopaths and nutritionists, we often recommend supplements based on the assumption that patients (and ourselves) are deficient. There are ways of testing for certain nutrients and energy pathways that use the nutrients and based on those results whether supplements are needed.

We will look at certain conditions that may lead you to suspect deficiencies and we will look at the testing for food allergies and sensitivities in this seminar. Again, the strengths and weaknesses of each test will be discussed. Treatment plans for each condition in these seminars will not be the focus of the discussion but will be mentioned as we go through each lecture.

Nutritional assessment of adults –

  • Physical signs / Dietary analysis/ Food reactions – IgE, IgG, IgA / Different testing measures of food reactions

Tests to run –

  • Minerals – Zn, Cu, Fe, Se, Iodine / Influence of Inflammation / Electrolytes – Anion Gap
  • Vitamins – Vit D, Vit B6 / Pyrroles / Vit B12, folate / Vitamin D
  • Other tests – (What about other nutrients?)
  • Red Cell Tests / Organic Acids Test / Urinary Amino Acids / Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • EFA’S – Essential Fatty Acids Testing / Omega-3 Index Test