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This course looks at the pathology testing that is becoming such a large part of naturopathic and nutritional practice. We also look at some standard pathology tests and how to interpret them from a naturopathic standpoint, as well as some functional pathology. We will run through tests in blood, stool, urine, and saliva.

We will look at the testing from 3 symptom pictures – Fatigue / Digestive Disorders / Nutritional and Food Testing.

So, if you have a patient with these symptoms or issues, which test would you / could you order? What will it tell you? Are there any limitations to the tests you run and which labs do them? The sessions will also cover the different pathology labs and how to contact them and set up accounts.


Pathology – Focus Topics – Iron

The first in the Focus Topics Series – we start with the all-important topic of iron. Without this important mineral, life would cease to exist, so knowing about how we get it, absorb it and utilise it is central to clinical practice. This session explains the pitfalls of iron metabolism and goes on to explain how to read and interpret iron studies and FBC (Full Blood Count) and finally goes through the many different types of anaemias.  

What’s covered –

  • Deficiency – Who’s at risk?
  • Physical Exams / Iron absorption & inhibition
  • Drugs & Iron Interference
  • Iron Supplements – forms of Iron + minerals & vitamins that help & hinder
  • Iron studies – serum iron, transferrin, transferrin saturation, ferritin + hemochromatosis
  • FBC – working through the analytes
  • Types of Anaemias

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