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This course looks at the pathology testing that is becoming such a large part of naturopathic and nutritional practice. We also look at some standard pathology tests and how to interpret them from a naturopathic standpoint, as well as some functional pathology. We will run through tests in blood, stool, urine, and saliva.

We will look at the testing from 3 symptom pictures – Fatigue / Digestive Disorders / Nutritional and Food Testing.

So, if you have a patient with these symptoms or issues, which test would you / could you order? What will it tell you? Are there any limitations to the tests you run and which labs do them? The sessions will also cover the different pathology labs and how to contact them and set up accounts.


The first session will look at the labs and their contact details. This allows access to lots of information about certain conditions and the testing for them.

In session 1 we look at fatigue. Fatigue is the most common symptom that patients will report to healthcare professionals. It is often a presenting symptom; however, it can be the underlying driver for many conditions. Understanding the reason for the fatigue and which tests or tests to order to understand the nature of the fatigue and therefore indicate the best possible treatment plan. What is covered in this session is –

What is fatigue? Who and when is it a problem?

Causes of fatigue – Pharmaceutical drugs / Organic causes

Measurement of fatigue – Questionnaires / Physical signs

Tests to run –

  • Iron studies / B12 + active B12 + MMA / Folate + RBC folate / Vitamin D
  • Thyroid – TSH T4 T3 Rt3 (blood + spot test)
  • Hormones – Melatonin / Cortisol + DHEA-s (in blood + urine + saliva)

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